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RP Posting

Post  Fernis on Sun Aug 26, 2012 3:40 pm

There are many things to remember when you post to make RPing both interesting and fun for everyone.

Remember, you aren't alone in the plot and you aren't the center of the story. Always take your surroundings and role-play mates under consideration; they too have evolving characters.

Don't be afraid to put detail! I've noticed that many people tend to stick to the basics of what they want to accomplish and don't try and take the time to think about the details they could involve in what they are writing to give the other player material to work with. No one likes to spend their time writing a few paragraphs to get a few words and nothing to work with in return.

Note: Here are some things to remember about details. I've been role-playing for a very long time and I've had my fair share of ups and downs when it came to details. Remember that not everyone cares about the smallest little detail on everything and it can cause the RP to become very boring if there is too much. So, with this in mind, remember that if it isn't going to affect the scene and doesn't have a moderately important relation with the character, then you probably shouldn't bother with it. No one cares to read 3 sentences about the sweat drops rolling down along the side of your cold glass of water.

Follow your characters personality traits! Also stick with the same background history.

Take in consideration other people's presence and actions. They aren't invisible you know. If they have entered the scene in a way where your character would notice the, always take what they are doing under consideration. If they interact with you, reply accordingly.

Always try to imagine the scene in your mind as if you were present in it yourself.

Use the spell checker before submitting your post.

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