How to fight?

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How to fight?

Post  Fernis on Sun Aug 26, 2012 3:36 pm

God Moding

God moding, also known as power play is VERY and maybe TOO common amongst newbies. Don't know what god moding is? Well, I'll tell you and better yet show you.

God moding is consisted of going against all rules and regulations in a RP, along with disrespecting other members. Basically, your character is a total god that can't be killed or have a punch landed on but that can take on anything and come out with not even a scratch. Which is a NO NO!

Auto Hits

Auto hits are something I've seen one too many times. They really should NOT be used at any cost what so ever never ever ever ever ever!!!!!!! Role-playing is meant to be consensual, this means generally before you even fight in an RP you'd be best to discuss it with the one your attacking (preferably in private messages or instant messages so as to not interrupt flow of RP) and make sure that the opportunity to attack is well chosen. Don't just walk with the player IC being all friendly to turn on him seconds after.

We understand that people might anger you while you play and you might want to attack him or her. Keep in mind that when you attack you MUST NEVER SAY in any case what so ever that you have done any damage to them. Doing so is considered as auto-hitting.

Example of auto-hitting and how to correct it.


Zach swings his sword at Steele's legs cutting them both off.

Auto-hitting corrected:

Zach swings his sword at Steele's legs in attempt to cut them both off.

Never write the outcome of your actions! Instead it's best to state your characters intentions to his actions.

Now let's see how to reply without auto-hitting or god moding.

Auto-hit and god mode reply:

Steele's legs are slashed but not cut off. She runs over at Zach and slashes at him, aiming for his wrist cutting them making Zach unable to hold his sword anymore.

Auto-hit and god mode reply corrected, possibility number 1:

Steele jumps back as she sees the blade of the sword coming at her. Thought she had jumped back Zach's attempt at cutting her legs off fails but instead it manages to slash at her legs. Still standing despite the pain given by the rather deep cuts on her legs Steele runs over at Zach as she screams out a painful battle cry while attempting to slash at his wrists in order to disarm him.


People tend to forget about the laws of physics when they gear up their characters. They give them 10 weapons, a big heavy armor and a bundle of random items to carry yet they can still jump as if they were light like a feather and run as fast as the wind.

I understand that some characters might have inhuman strength, but take in consideration that not everyone can and that no matter your strength, there is always a limit. This subject touches god moding as well as fair fighting and conscience of your characters state and position. Gravity only pushes down, that's why things fall to the ground.


This also comes back to god moding. All characters and I say ALL character MUST and DO have weaknesses.

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