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1.RolePlay: To assume the role of.

2.RP or RPing : Means role-play or role-playing.

3.OOC: Out Of Character

4.IC: In Character ( i.e. To resume the role you were role-playing as. )

5.God Moding : Making your character a super-being who can't die, ignoring the role-playing rules.

6.Storyline: Every RP has a story in it. Usually a paragraph will summarize the storyline on the first page of every role-play you're going to participate in. This means you should make sure you read through that little paragraph before jumping in. Some RP's will have a more detailed storyline then others. I would advise you read everything because it will generally help with your character creation later on.

7.Closed RP: A close RP means that it is restricted for ONLY the users that were invited. It's best not to disrupt other role-plays that you're not involved with or check around and see if they have any remakes. Sometimes it may also mean that the role-play has ended and is no longer active.

8.Open RP: An open RP means it's open to anyone.

9.Requirements: At the end of some RP's it may have Requirements written and a list, if you fit these then you should apply to RP with that person, if you cannot then don't. Some Requirements may be that you must be able to post a character tag in each post, a RP box and you must be able to post between 2-4 paragraphs, they may vary.

10.Original Characters : This is a character of your own unique creation. This does not mean you cannot base your character on an existing one, but people will probably able to tell if you do that.

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